Honolulu International Airport

Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu International Airport (HNL) is responsible for moving over 20 million passengers seamlessly from place to place each year—all assisted by an extensive audio & video system. HNL uses Ford’s Technology Assurance Program, which includes a Ford engineer available 24/7 on location, to ensure that their AV communication systems are always up and running.


  • Two 44’ x 7’ direct-view LED Flight Information Displays 6MM, 2,000 NIT “brightness” displays can easily be seen from over 100 feet away
  • 4K Digital signage media player provides reliable ultra-high definition video content
  • Flight Announcement System (FAS) is automated and translated into multiple languages
  • The entire audio and video system is digital and transmitted over a data network


  • State of Hawaii
  • Ronald N.S. Ho & Associates
  • Ford Audio-Video Systems, LLC

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