Environmental Policy

Ford Audio-Video Systems, LLC (Ford AV) is committed to a long-term sustainable approach to caring for and safeguarding the environment. Presently Ford AV has multiple procedures in place to care for the environment and we are committed to continuing to educate ourselves for the purpose of identifying and executing additional procedures to improve the environment.

Ford AV’s goal is to develop and sustain procedures which protect and improve our environment and constantly balance environmental considerations, safety considerations, and social responsibility with our business goal, with the ultimate result to benefit the quality of the environment in our communities and the world in which we all live.

Ford AV’s environmental policy currently includes the following primary components to help minimize our impact on the environment and achieve our environmental objectives:

Tobacco Free Environment

  • Ten years ago Ford AV converted all division facilities to tobacco free and five years ago extended the no-tobacco policy to include the exterior premises, vehicles and customer sites.
  • We provide materials to help employees quit smoking
  • Ford AV’s health insurance provides tobacco cessation products and support for those in need

Recycle Products

  • Reuse shipping and receiving supplies
  • Recycle wooden pallets for shipping products
  • Use biodegradable shipping and receiving supplies when possible
  • Return all used copier toners in their recycle boxes
  • Recycle paper, plastic and aluminum products
  • Recycle scraps of wire and scraps of metal strut

Use of Video Conferencing

  • Reduce carbon usage by lowering the travel requirement by extensive use of video conferencing
  • Video conference all recurring weekly and monthly meetings between divisions (sales, safety meetings, Division Coordinator, PM Training, JS Training, etc)
  • Hold all non-OKC division reviews by video conference
  • Conduct all non-OKC applicant interviews by video conference
  • Use video conference to communicate with other industry professionals including consultants, contractors and customers


  • Computerized HVAC
  • Computerized lighting control for all lights in the corporate office
  • Installed switches to detect motion prior to turning on the lights in closets
  • Installed fluorescent fixtures which use T8 lamps which are low energy consumption
  • The display fixtures which formerly utilized standard incandescent lamps have all been replaced with the fluorescent low energy long-life bulbs
  • Installed skylights where possible to reduce electricity use
  • Installed faucets in restrooms which are motion activated
  • Added recycle bins for paper and aluminum products

Fleet Usage & Safety

  • Acquired various vehicle sizes (from small 4-cylinder Ford Ranger pickups to full sized box trucks so a smaller lower-consumption vehicle may be utilized when a larger one is not required
  • Provide continuous fleet safety training for those who drive vehicles for the company

Procedures within the Company

  • Became a participating member of the US Green Building Council in 2008
  • Outlook email and scheduling is used throughout the entire company
  • To ensure less paper is consumed, Ford AV uses document storage techniques including acquisition of printers with pdf capability for ease of archiving documents for visual retrieving by others; and lessens the need to print; mail; and manually store documents.
  • We purchase divisional supplies locally to lessen the cost of shipping
  • Provide flexible work hours when possible
  • Provide tools for employees to work from home when possible
  • Use local labor to the extent possible before traveling a person from another division
  • Work with our customers, suppliers and other contractors to develop products and services for green buildings