Technology Solutions for Government

Government meeting rooms across the U.S. continually seek ways to improve their collaboration experience and provide better access for their residents, staff, and council members. Technology upgrades play a crucial role in achieving this goal by providing access to new tools and resources that streamline processes, improve communication, and enhance decision-making.

Bridging the Access Gap: Empowering Citizen Participation in City and State Governance

While health concerns remain a pressing issue, citizens often face challenges attending or participating in important government meetings. This has created a crucial need for accessible technology solutions that facilitate seamless engagement for all residents.

Amplifying Voices in Every Corner

Voting & Voice Lift Stations 

These stations ensure everyone can be heard and their voices contribute to the discussion. They capture clear audio (and video) for council members, regardless of their location.

IT Services

A robust network forms the foundation of effective communication. Ford AV’s certified engineers design and maintain secure, stable networks to ensure smooth operation.

Intuitive Control  

Modern meeting spaces incorporate various technologies. Our custom-programmed control panels simplify their operation for users of all levels.

Crystal-Clear Displays 

From video walls and LEDs to large screens and projectors, Ford AV provides the perfect display solution for your needs.

Security Solutions

Government facilities prioritize safety. Ford AV offers Command & Control Systems, Emergency Communications, Mass Alerts, Monitored Sound Reinforcement, Video Surveillance, and Access Control to ensure everyone’s well-being.

Video Broadcast 

Whether it’s pre-recorded content or live meetings, residents deserve high-quality broadcasts. Ford AV installs unobtrusive production equipment to deliver engaging content.

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Residents attending municipal meetings deserve convenient and reliable access on any platform or device, regardless of their location. They should be able to view proceedings and even present their opinions remotely, ensuring their voices are heard.
Ford AV provides technology solutions that bridge the gap between government and citizens, empowering everyone to participate in shaping their communities.