Amazing Facts

August 19, 2021 by Jeremy Corff

Amazing Facts is a worldwide ministry, including a local church, radio, television, and publishing house in Sacramento, CA. They recently completed a broadcast studio, 2,000-seat church auditorium, and multipurpose building that included extensive technology solutions.

Amazing Facts Audio Production Suite.

They knew the importance of having Ford AV’s engineering team involved early to collaborate with the church’s designers to coordinate power, HVAC, space, mounting details, and more to minimize any surprises and save money during the project.

The church placed a premium on the ability to provide broadcasting and streaming around the globe each day. They chose a 4K/UHD TV studio solution, complete with 4K studio camera rigs, studio lighting, video and audio switching, and an audio editing suite. A fiber network is used to tie all buildings and systems together on one high-speed platform.

Amazing Facts Sanctuary.

The large sanctuary includes a line array speaker system to provide high speech intelligibility, using digital mixing consoles on a digital audio network. LED theatrical lighting helps decrease power consumption and reduce heat being radiated to the stage. A robust video presentation switching system for IMAG and redundant on-air video broadcast control room also help round out the systems.

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