Design / Build

AV is a common afterthought in the construction process, but savvy customers know that getting the AV designer involved early is key to a successful project. As soon as the building plans start to be conceptualized, the AV designer can play a critical role.

Early on, a creative design team can advise the architect regarding room surface material, shapes, study site lines, provide HVAC noise criteria, develop equipment space requirements, heat loads, conduit risers, and establish power requirements.

“During the design-development phase, we are able to coordinate with the architect, MEP, GC and other specialty trades,” says Jim Tassey, Senior Project Engineer. “This helps in developing budgets, minimizing construction change orders and making a seamless process that leads to an excellent system result that meets even the most discriminating customer’s needs.”

The construction process is commonly full of surprises, and early collaboration by everyone in the design process can minimize the construction “gotchas” that are expensive and unnecessary.

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