Microsoft Teams Rooms: Connect Across the Hybrid Workplace

A Microsoft Teams Rooms solution seamlessly integrated into the conference room ensures that all participants are visible, audible, and actively engaged from any location. Ford AV carefully considers factors such as room acoustics, lighting, and camera positioning to create an environment conducive to dynamic and fruitful meetings.

Enhance Hybrid Meeting Experiences


Cultivate team meetings that are inclusive and foster interaction for all participants.


Provide reliable Teams experiences crafted to simplify collaboration and minimize inconvenience.


Transform any space into a Teams Room with a diverse array of devices and features tailored to suit every need.


Ensure the security and up-to-date functionality of devices through robust management capabilities and comprehensive analytics.

Make Any Space Work

Reserve a Temporary Workspace

Create a personal workspace in a shared environment by reserving a temporary desk. Access personal chats and files with hot desking on a Teams display.

Uninterrupted Meetings with Teams Panels

Quickly view location and meeting details to efficiently access and reserve available meeting spaces using a management solution on a wall-mounted device.

Use Teams for Every Conversation

Enhance the way you work and collaborate no matter where you are. Use Teams on your personal devices to hear every voice and improve meeting experiences.

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Ford AV is a select Microsoft Teams Rooms Partner, offering a single source for outstanding technology solutions, including Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Teams Rooms, Microsoft Teams Scheduling Panels, Microsoft Surface Hub, and world-class end-to-end Microsoft integration. Let the experts at Ford AV make sure your next technology solution is a success.

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