Telehealth Video Conferencing

The convergence of AV & IT in the healthcare field have increased both opportunities and the demand from patients and medical staff.  It has also raised the bar for healthcare systems to provide more options for patient access to medical providers and improve levels of care while reducing cost.

Ford AV is innovative in supporting three major categories of Telehealth.

  • Live Video Conferencing
  • Store & Forward Care (Asynchronous Video)
  • Mobile Health (mHealth)

Live Video Conferencing

Ford AV designs and integrates in-patient rooms, helping patients communicate with treatment teams and family members, while in the hospital. We design Telemedicine Exam rooms that allow for staff to triage and obtain vital signs, then share that information immediately to a provider that can join the treatment team via video conference and counsel the patient.

Store & Forward Care (Asynchronous Video)

Ford AV helps Healthcare professionals consult with one another to shorten the wait times for diagnosis and treatment.  We understand these systems need to maintain patient privacy, and uphold HIPAA compliance.

Ford’s professionals analyze and understand your workflow to insure your facilities infrastructure needs are sufficient to support your desired level of telemedicine implementation.  Employing over 80 engineers, Ford designs intuitive systems that drive user adoption.

Ford is a value added reseller of many of the industry’s most popular distance learning software applications.

Mobile Health (mHealth)

Ford AV understands this is the future of healthcare. We work closely with manufacturers to make sure the technology you select for your facility will work with all mobile app providers.

Contact Ford AV for assistance with your telehealth project.  Let’s Get Started!