Silverthorne Performing Arts Center

Silverthorne, Colorado

Open in 2017, the Silverthorne Performing Arts Center is a multi-functional performance facility. To host their many events, the building required a flexible AV solution.


  • Custom patch panels allow performances to be managed from either production booth
  • Each room is equipped with the ability to select different audio sources within building
  • Intercom system connects the production booth and key areas of the building
  • CCTV system enables the control area to monitor the lobby and hallways
  • Speakers and control system in the lobby play live audio or prerecorded messages
  • Mobile speakers in the main performance area provide versatility of sound coverage
  • Digital Signage in the lobby can display live performance or messaging
  • Performances are controlled through digital mixing consoles in the production booth
  • Conference room with HD projector provides wireless presentation capabilities


  • City of Silverthorne
  • Encore Electric, Inc.
AV Contractor
  • Ford Audio-Video Systems

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