Critical Classrooms: Baylor College of Medicine

Ranked among the top US medical school, Baylor College of Medicine stands at the cutting-edge of utilizing technology not only in classroom and lab settings but also in multipurpose and study areas.

Before Baylor’s most recent technology renovation, AV systems varied from classroom to classroom. AV was not interconnected via the network and required technicians to visit the rooms in person when troubleshooting or service was needed. As a result, lots of time was spent traveling from location to location over a sprawling campus.

Baylor approached Ford AV not to give the existing AV technology a facelift, but to build a whole new interconnected system that could be accessed remotely through the network, and configured for limitless applications.

Five classrooms, nine configurable multifunction rooms, two open study “Annex” areas, eight anatomy labs, and a large boardroom were fitted with the latest in AV technology along with integrated controls using AV over IP. The result was a uniform AV experience where students and instructors could easily understand the transition from room to room without the need to learn how to operate a new system. Each room system can now be configured and utilized for lecture capture, distance learning, video conferencing and more. Because each AV room system is managed over the network via AV over IP, diagnostics and rooms can be serviced remotely from a central hub, saving countless hours in technicians going from location to location across an expansive campus.

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