Our Process

The solution to any efficiency or communications problem is not just stumbled upon. The incorporation of AV Technology to bridge those gaps is a process that includes development, design, integration and support.


From the first phone call, Ford AV professionals are there to guide and streamline your planning process. You can trust us to have the experience to listen to your needs and the expertise to understand your end goal. We will develop the project’s scope and strategy alongside your team and use our outstanding reputation in the AV world to get you today’s leading technology at the greatest discount. We can even advise your team on concerns they might not have considered such as:

  • Programming documentation
  • Room shape assessment
  • Line of Sight studies
  • Space Requirements


The biggest ideas need the best designers to put them to paper. At Ford we understand that superior design is the foundation to a successful project. What’s more, we are consistently the #1 AV integrator for delivering project details accurately and on time, which means costly last-minute changes will be a thing of the past. Our design engineers will work with you to provide project expertise such as:

  • Noise criteria
  • Construction details
  • Power & HVAC requirements
  • Conduit risers
  • And more


We have over 150 employees dedicated exclusively to project installation. A little overkill? Probably. But we are committed to ensuring every device…every wire…every line of code…and every connector is deployed to meet the system design. The AV world is sprawling, and keeping up with it is a full-time job requiring many hours of training, certifications and continuing education. From contract administrators to installation technicians, our entire lineup is primed and ready to make your AV dreams a reality. Just a small sampling of the capabilities of our commercial construction communication software includes:

  • Up-to-date electronic prints in the field
  • Real-time punch list updates
  • Photo and job documentation sharing
  • Interfacing with other trades


Whoops! Is something not working the way it used to? Does a part of your system need to be upgraded or a new product integrated? Ford Technical Support uses a centralized dispatch service to quickly deploy technicians to address any type of system distress. You will have access to an array of service programs, for example:

  • Preventative Maintenance Agreements
  • Prepaid, Discounted Service hours
  • On-site Operator Support
  • System Asset Management
  • Global Remote Monitoring
  • Service Level Agreements
  • End-User Technical training
  • First-use support
  • Quick-start guides
  • Custom training videos
  • And more