Liberty Mutual

Denver, CO

Liberty Mutual Group is a global insurer and Fortune 100 company, with technological demand of 24/7 operations. Liberty Global constructed a new campus in Plano, TX with AV solutions for over 280 spaces.


  • 82” 4K displays, PTZ camera, and table microphone provide video conferencing capabilities in the conference rooms
  • 40” commercial displays provide 24/7 operational capable digital signage
  • 5,400 lumen projector, PTZ cameras, flush mounted ceiling speakers, in-ceiling microphone arrays, and room occupancy sensors are equipped in the training room
  • 50” 4K display, webcam, sound bar, voice tracking microphone, and 4K docking station for group collaboration in the huddle rooms


Owner: Liberty Mutual Insurance

AV Contractor: Ford Audio-Video Systems

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