Innovation in Medical Simulation

Imagine practicing a complex surgical procedure on a high-fidelity mannequin before ever setting foot in a real operating room. Or navigating a critical care scenario with a simulated patient, honing your decision-making skills under pressure. This is the power of medical simulation, a rapidly evolving field transforming healthcare education and practice.

Ford AV partners with prominent healthcare educators and medical campuses across the U.S. to develop cutting edge Simulation Training facilities. These state-of-the-art labs go beyond traditional lectures and textbooks, immersing students and professionals in realistic, controlled environments that mimic real-world healthcare situations.

The Many Facets of Medical Simulation

“The SIM lab exists for students to practice their skills before they go into the real-life setting. The concept is that you learn through experience, you gain initial experience here at the lab, and you apply that experience once you’re out there in a clinical setting.”
Braulio Amezaga, Manager, AV & Technology Support UT Health San Antonio Center for Simulation Innovation

SIM lab AV designs provide video capture for high-fidelity team simulation environments, task training stations, clinical skills examination areas, and simulation center security.

A Powerful Tool

The Ford AV SIM design group designs a powerful tool that helps healthcare professionals develop the skills and knowledge needed to provide safe and effective patient care. These are tailored toward provisional accreditation standards of healthcare simulation programs as defined by the Society of Simulation in Healthcare (SSH).

The Benefits

  • Provide consistent and high-quality training experiences.
  • Create immediate feedback to identify areas for improvement.
  • Encounter a diverse range of lifelike clinical scenarios.
  • Master procedures, from basics to complex surgeries.
  • Minimize risks to real patients during the learning process.
  • Keep staff updated on the latest advancements in healthcare.

Medical Field of Dreams

“The use of the SIM center is ‘built’ into the curriculum within our accreditation bodies. You should learn a skill before you can go into the hospital. Your patients should not be your simulation center.”
Dr. James Cleveland, Director UT Health San Antonio Center for Simulation Innovation

This was the idea at the UT Health School of Nursing in San Antonio as they developed their now fully accredited medical simulation center. The need was to develop a SIM lab that could record, annotate, archive, and retrieve videos of training for debriefing; however, it became much more.

Using high-fidelity simulation mannequins, along with state-of-the-art SIM software and AV technology, the school was able to secure SSH accreditation, which expanded their reach for providing training. “We are now heavily engaged with the medical school, the schools of health profession, and that includes respiratory therapy, physical therapy.” Says Dr. James Cleveland, Director for the Center of Simulation Innovation at UT Health in San Antonio. “We are now integrating interprofessional education … on schedule with our Dean’s dream.”

The high-fidelity lab provides redundant capture solutions when critical backup is vital, and discrete audio/video communication design between simulation operators and facilitators. Medical students can practice and perfect procedures, while doctors can learn new techniques before performing them on patients.

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