Jack Yates High School

Houston, Texas

Jack Yates High School

Jack Yates High School provides students a modern environment to learn about audio and video production. The school district partnered with Ford to design and install multiple rooms on campus.


  • Large auditorium utilizes 13,000 lumen projector with 22.5’ retractable screen, speakers, PTZ cameras and control console
  • TV production suite includes four broadcast quality HD cameras with teleprompters, HD display, portable green screen and production intercom system
  • Audio production studio utilizes four studio microphones, headphone mounts, in-ceiling grid video lights and HD display
  • Recording studio includes 2” thick acoustic panels and isolation booths
  • Lobby features a 3×2 video wall and control system


Owner: Houston Independent School District

General Contractor: Turner Construction

AV Contractor: Ford Audio-Video Systems

Jack Yates High School