Coca-Cola Store at Disney Springs

Orlando, Florida

The Coca-Cola Store at Disney Springs is the flagship retail location for the Coca-Cola Company. In order to differentiate from the other retail experiences in the area, Coca-Cola decided to showcase a technologically driven interactive experience that would be a social media sensation.


  • Audio system is separated into dedicated zones to differentiate output, including music, commercials and ambient sounds throughout the three-story complex
  • HD displays showcase commercials and music videos
  • 34’ wide video wall comprised of ultra-thin bezel LCD displays in the retail area
  • Specialized lighting projectors, LED strip lighting and a lighting program combine to create a simulated Aurora Borealis in the Polar Bear Experience
  • Touch-screens provide user interactive content in the waiting area


  • The Coca-Cola Company
  • Baker Barrios
General Contractor
  • DPR Construction
AV Contractor
  • Ford Audio-Video Systems

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