Xtreme Drilling & Coil Services

Houston, Texas

Xtreme, which has a corporate office in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and headquartered in Houston, Texas, was in need of a solution that increased productivity and saved money. Now, they have it. They can connect executives and employees on a daily basis in multiple offices to enhance collaboration among the engineering teams, allow safety and training departments to communicate with field sites, and include remote executives in daily operations.


  • A personal videoconferencing unit installed in the president and COO’s office enables quick meetings ‘face-to-face’ with remote engineers, drilling sites and other offices.
  • The videoconferencing system with a unidirectional microphone, HD camera and two 60” plasmas assists in connecting employees in remote locations to Houston and Calgary.


  • Xtreme Drilling and Coil Services
  • Ford Audio-Video Systems, LLC

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