U.S. House of Representatives – Department of Homeland Security Committee Meeting Room

Washington, District of Columbia

Homeland security officials have a high-tech meeting room with AV equipment that enables them to effectively discuss matters regarding national security.


  • Individual interface stations with speakers and push-to-talk microphones as well as DSP-controlled active compact speakers allow for highly intelligible audio reinforcement
  • Remote controlled pan-tilt-zoom cameras, full video production switcher system, 65” flat screen displays, and multiple press feed panels are installed
  • A custom video control/production rack with a 40” flat screen preview and program monitor is available to assist with C-Span broadcasts
  • Fiber-optic distribution system throughout the entire facility


  • U.S. Government
  • Architect of the Capitol
  • K2 Audio, LLC
AV Contractor
  • Ford Audio-Video Systems, LLC

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