San Antonio, Texas

Rackspace wanted to create a unique workplace environment to inspire their staff of 3,000 to provide great customer service. They repurposed a 1.2 million square foot mall, containing easy-to-use technology that allows any of their employees to simply walk into a meeting room and begin using the AV system.


  • Common room equipment includes switchers, control processor systems, display controls, room mode options, an AV input cable with a button that can be programmed to select the input or other room functions, as well as occupancy sensors that are interfaced to the control processor
  • The technology in the videoconferencing rooms include codecs, phone interfaces, ceiling speakers and amplifiers, inputs for laptops/PCs, as well as videoconferencing systems with either single or dual displays


  • Rackspace
AV Contractor
  • Ford Audio-Video Systems, LLC

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