BG Group

Houston, Texas

The BG Group was moving its North American headquarters into 10+ floors of a brand new building downtown and needed AV systems in more than 140 rooms including lobbies, hallways, the trade floor, and conference rooms.


  • Multiple rooms on all floors have videoconferencing capabilities and areas with digital signage that allow the company to communicate important messages.
  • Video walls help to tell the BG Group story to visitors in reception areas as well as a video wall on the “BG Advance floor” that has the ability to create an “always-on” HD connection to the group in the UK and acts as a videoconferencing facility for large group meetings.
  • The trade floor includes monitors that allow the traders to constantly observe markets, weather, news, as well as the ability to watch “Ship Net” to track LNG tankers in real-time.


  • BG Group
  • Ford Audio-Video Systems, LLC

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