Close Up

Healthcare Innovation

AV technology is indispensable in providing quick and accurate healthcare services. This issue of Close Up focuses on Healthcare Education, Telehealth, Clinical Applications and Global... Read More »

Create an Impression

This issue discusses AV that will WOW your guests. Explore AV solutions such as digital signage, video walls, wayfinding, mobile integrated control and more.... Read More »

Welcome Spaces

This issue discusses how to make a great first impression with AV in lobbies, entrance halls, waiting rooms, etc.... Read More »

Technology That Hides

This issue of Close Up discusses AV solutions that hide in plain sight. No messy wires or distracting¬†paraphernalia, just AV solutions that merge form and... Read More »

Let’s Get Started

This issue of Close Up looks at the many ways a project can go from thought to actual design and the process behind designing projects... Read More »

The Digital Campus

Today's AV technology not only brings the student and instructor together to improve the overall classroom experience, but also provides many solutions that can be... Read More »