The Many Uses of Digital Signage

February 27, 2015 by Chris Jackson

From retail to corporate, campus to municipalities–the use of Digital Signage is now the standard for organizations to capture the attention of their clients, co-workers, students and patrons for both internal and external messaging.

Digital Signage replaces printed, static signs with dynamic, visually appealing displays–taking advantage of the rare opportunity when people pause and gather in a lobby, break room or entrance.

A person who has found your campus provides the perfect marketing opportunity. Digital signage can deliver a highly targeted message based on selections made by the user and cutting through the “noise” typically found in traditional marketing methods.

Entertainment & Environment
People are not used to waiting in a room with nothing to do. Dynamic digital signage can transform a lobby or waiting room into a beautiful environment of art or landscape and interactive entertainment—creating an experience you want to provide from serene to playful.

Most people are not adept to reading a blueprint, yet a common static directory map can be confusing, showing a whole campus or building, which can overwhelm the user. Digital Signage provides wayfinding, which can make a map interactive, only highlighting the specific areas in 3D, helping the person seeking assistance have a great experience.

Internal Communication
Whether it’s contests, OSHA requirements, new policy, celebrations or company meetings, digital signage provides an easy way to push out your important internal communications to your staff, at just the right time.

When seconds count, minutes won’t do. Mass notification systems use digital signage to quickly show prerecorded messages in sync with audio message and can display exit plans and other emergency information, critical to providing a safe environment for customers and staff.

Enterprise Management
Digital Signage runs on the existing network and can be managed by a central office to ensure the right message, is shown at the right time. Relying on the on-site employees to change your signs can be hit or miss, but with digital signage, even hundreds of displays can be managed by designated corporate personnel.

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