The Changing Campus

January 15, 2021 by Paul Leach

Schools and universities have turned to technology to provide students with a safe campus environment, while offering the quality learning experience they deserve — regardless of location.

Emergency Communication System

An Emergency Communication System (ECS) ensures rapid communication with your campus staff, students and visitors in situations where seconds count. Providing automated and live announcements, an ECS connects all messaging systems immediately alerting all areas of your facility or campus and guide them to safety.

Video Capture & Management

In such a video-hungry world, imagine what you can accomplish with a scalable, user-friendly system for capturing, publishing, searching and managing your videos. Whether it’s Virtual Learning, Lecture Capture, Cloud Streaming, Video Content Management — Ford’s video solutions for education will help improve your student’s and faculty’s virtual learning experience, elevate student engagement and provide the necessary metrics to measure results.

Artificial Intelligence

The bar has been raised for your staff to enforce new campus safety rules. Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Video Analytics can enhance your campus safety without the need for additional security staff. AI helps you prevent, protect and respond quickly with automatic rapid temperature screening, occupancy monitoring, face mask detection, contact tracing as well as facial and license plate recognition.