Terminals of Tomorrow

May 28, 2021 by Paul Leach

Communication technology helps millions of travelers navigate the world daily. Ford AV is the nation’s leading airport AV integrator, providing dedicated transportation technology specialists who deploy systems without disrupting travelers and busy transportation staff.  


Digital Signage | MUFIDS

Multi-User Flight Information Display Systems (MUFIDS) provide passengers real-time flight status, advertisement information, general information and works of art. Systems may include video walls created from multiple high-resolution displays for close viewing to large direct-view LED displays visible from far away, all controlled by a central, web-based digital signage system.
Denver International

Digital Paging

The paging system must be easily understood and continuously operational, and this requires a reliable network to provide traveler communications throughout the airport. The hardware and network are continually self-monitored to ensure equipment is consistently operating. If there is a failure, it is electronically reported to be addressed by designated contacts.
Emergency Communications

Emergency Communication Systems

An Emergency Communication System (ECS) ensures rapid communication with your staff and visitors from one centralized control point. Providing automated and live announcements, an ECS connects all messaging systems. With the push of a single button, an ECS can alert all areas of your facility to an urgent or life-threatening incident and guide people to safety.

Command & Control Centers

Command and control centers monitor and keep personnel, travelers and vendors aware of mission-critical information. Systems usually include realtime, ultra-high-resolution monitoring, digital paging stations, emergency paging and communication.

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