Spaceship HQ: the world’s largest tech giant uses automation to keep it simple

July 6, 2017 by Hannah Evans

When the world’s largest tech giant constructs their new almost 3-million-square-foot global headquarters housing 12,000 employees, you might think that they would require an AV system of such scope and complexity that only experienced programmers would be able to modify and upgrade it. Not so. In fact, even though they have over 850 meeting rooms equipped with AV technology, they only use 5 room technology types.

This company is known for taking intricate, sophisticated technology and making it simple. Never an easy task to be sure, but they believe that having rooms which “just work” for their employees is key to driving rapid adoption of the technology. In this way, they ensure that their hefty AV investment begins to significantly improve their employees’ productivity and communication from the word “Go!”

Of course, behind the scenes neither the design nor the equipment are simple in the slightest. In the world of tech, simple is another way of saying “intuitive.” Often, to make an intuitive piece of technology one must program the hardware to respond to the most basic human interaction. For example, imagine someone walks into a room to start a meeting. Already the system knows who that person is, what their personal preferences are, how to adjust the shades and ceiling lights based on the time of day, and much more.


The move to make AV technology intuitive and user-friendly is not just isolated to those at the top. Check out our story on RealPage here.

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