See More With Artificial Intelligence

November 18, 2020 by Paul Leach

Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a key role in our everyday lives by helping power our world, safely drive our cars and even send teams to the International Space Station. The city of Southlake is harnessing that same power in their surveillance system covering Southlake Town Square.

“AI has changed the surveillance market,” says Scott Hall, Ford’s Corporate VP & Dallas DM, “Now an organization can better monitor hundreds of cameras with less staff. AI software can detect movement where there should not be, based on location, time, day, as well as track a person’s movement by the color they are wearing or even facial recognition from camera to camera. AI sees for you, using the cameras to monitor, detect and alert security staff.”

The Town Square consists of almost 1 million square feet of bustling retail, restaurant and cineplex theater, as well as expansive parking lots and 4-story parking garage all covered with over 100 security cameras. Ordinarily, the large amount of coverage would require extensive security staff and a command center to observe all the activity but with artificial intelligence tools integrated into their system, the existing staff can effectively monitor the complex.

From facial recognition to tracking license plates–new crystal-clear high-resolution cameras deliver images that reveal the small details needed for staff to respond and act. With over 100 IP cameras, archiving real-time video for weeks requires hundreds of Terabytes of data storage. The cameras are POE (Power Over Ethernet), so video content and power are delivered over one CAT-6 cable to each camera. This Ethernet distribution saves the city from the cost of having to install AC power at each location.