When seconds count, minutes won’t do. Is your emergency equipment ready?

January 24, 2017 by Hannah Evans

Technology Success
Modern AV systems are sophisticated and have a lot occurring “behind the scenes.” When it’s time for a stakeholder meeting or earnings call, your AV systems need to deliver consistently. The video has to look right and audio needs to sound good. Technology can be amazing and delivers on its promises…when it works! When it does not work, the simple solutions of the past, like changing a lamp or wiggling a cable, no longer help. Even the simple dropping or distortion of an audio call can be a difficult and complicated problem to solve. More often, technology is defining the enterprise and providing a competitive edge. From your brand image, to the speed of innovation and decision making, the significant investment you have made needs to provide significant returns. Ford AV offers a wide spectrum of capabilities for your organization’s unique needs and will tailor a suite of services to meet your expectations and AV requirements.

Global AV System – Executive Briefing Center
When one of the largest global communication companies set out to develop their new 26,000-square foot Executive Briefing Center, they wanted to create an experiential space with an inviting, open environment where their Fortune 500 customers could immerse themselves in all the communication solutions they have to offer. “We developed a ‘global’ system within one footprint rather than individual systems for each area,” says Will Coleson, Ford Project Engineer. “This means handling all video, audio and control infrastructure from a central point using multiple video and audio transport mediums.” The backbone uses a 128×128 4K AV switcher, and four different types of digital audio networking protocol were used including Blue Link, Dante, AES3, and GNet. Because the center has to be operational 24/7, up-time is mission critical. This is why the customer chose to place a client-dedicated, full-time Ford technology expert onsite, to provide Technology Assurance every day. As the clients arrive, they are greeted with brilliant artwork shown on a 98” video display. In the Experience Center, a large display cube at the center contains 288 Microtile Cubes using independent video wall processors, flanked by four pillars with back-to-back 84” interactive displays, nine interactive totems, long interactive display tables and custom tickers. The Briefing Center includes a 3×3 180” video wall, 75” confidence monitor, and 98” displays for presentations. All of the briefing rooms including both audio and video conferencing, flush-mounted microphones in the conference table, dedicated control interfaces, privacy shades, and glass privacy control. The Digital Hub is used for receptions, public relations, and private presentations. It includes an 84” display and 1×3 video wall that are commonly showing other operation centers.

Protection for Your Technology
Communication and collaboration systems have rapidly advanced in capabilities and adoption. In just the last few years, corporate AV systems have quickly migrated from simple, self-contained analog systems to sophisticated, net-centric systems capable of transporting high-definition video meetings and content throughout the enterprise in real time.

Adoption Services
The efficiency and productivity gains promised by technology can become losses for new users when they have to learn by trial and error or “tribal knowledge.” Ford can help though flexible training options, onsite startup support and more. Maximize the benefits and return on your investment through Ford Adoption Services.

Managed Services
Technology is critical to your organization’s internal and external communications; the time has come for a new paradigm of prediction and prevention. It makes sense to “prevent a fire” instead of “fighting a fire,” From preventative maintenance plans and extended warranties to onsite spares, Ford has the remedy to avoid those AV headaches. It is time for technology success through Ford’s Managed Services.

Professional Services
Ford can help augment your existing technical support staff with onsite or remote professionals. Our full- or part-time onsite support technicians come with the full backing and support of Ford’s deep and wide engineering resources – not just an “AV guy.”

Enterprise Video Support
Videoconferencing and collaboration technology is on the move! Migration to the desktop, virtualization and cloud hosting are all in play. Ford can help you with remote management and support of your existing endpoints and infrastructure. We can also help you navigate to the future of virtualization, cloud hosting and on-demand virtual meeting rooms.

Technology Assurance
From testing and developing standardized designs to our essential bumper-to-bumper warranty, Ford offers all of the services and capabilities you need to keep your productivity tools – productive.

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