Is it an office or a playscape? Rackspace represents creative work environments at their best!

February 14, 2017 by Hannah Evans

Rackspace in San Antonio, Texas wanted to create a unique workplace environment to inspire its staff of 3,000 to provide exceptional customer service.

Officials decided to repurpose a 1.2 million-square-foot mall, which now contains easy-to-use technology that allows any employee to walk into a meeting room and begin using the AV system.

With an indoor tetherball court and a winding slide for staff to get from the second to the first floor, it meets the criteria of a unique office facility. Different sections of the building have themes including brands of cereal, movies, books, destinations, arcade games and game shows.

Equipment common to all rooms includes switchers, control processor systems, display controls, room mode options, an AV input cable with a button that can be programmed to select the input or other room functions, and interfaced to the control processor are occupancy sensors.

The technology in the video conferencing rooms include codecs, phone interfaces, ceiling speakers and amplifiers, inputs for laptops/PCs, as well as video conferencing systems with either single or dual displays.

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