Managing Tech Disruptions: 5 AV Solutions for Critical Spaces

February 21, 2017 by Hannah Evans

A failure of a control system, projector, display or video codec may not cause a major disruption in your organization’s communication. However, if you have a critical space—one that must always be ready right here and right now—then your AV systems may require special design considerations.

Common Critical Spaces include:

  • Emergency, Network, & Traffic Operations Centers
  • Real-Time, Integrated Operations Centers
  • Command & Training Centers
  • Incident Rooms
  • CCTV Security
  • Market Training Floors
  • Visualization Rooms

Redundant Power Supplies
A power supply failure (PS) can render a system useless when the component is system critical. Insuring that all critical components have back up or redundant power supplies can be the difference between days of a communication failure and not a missed moment.

Projector or Display
In a 24/7 facility, a conventional video projector may not be a good option because of bulb failure and need for on-going preventative maintenance. An LED projector may be a better options and using an LED video wall even better option in a critical space. Professional LED displays can be bright, high-resolution and have a low failure rate when designed and installed properly.

Direct View LED
When your critical space is in the lobby of an airport or any area with daylight, a direct view LED video wall may be the display of choice. They provide an extremely bright image that can even be viewed outdoors in full sun. Typically failure is minimized to just one pixel which is certainly less noticeable than an entire display failing in a video wall.

AV Over IP
Most organizations spend tremendous time & money on ensuring their IP network is always functional. Placing the AV communications on the IP system is like “hitching a ride on a tank.” Control, audio, video, processing and switching can all be accomplished using your trusted network, minimizing communication failure.

Technology Assurance
Sometimes the technology we use every day is assumed to be fully-functional but is not. Ford AV can design and provide system check-ups, remote system monitoring, training, Emergency Response Exercises and reporting on any AV system to ensure your critical space is ready at a moments notice.

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