Introducing the Collaboration Tools of Tomorrow: The Future of Meeting Room Technology

May 15, 2018 by Paul Leach

Have you noticed that sometimes the most successful meetings are forced to come together at the last minute? An issue arises, the necessary problem solvers are assembled in multiple locations, action items are created and the problem is resolved without further back and forth. Today’s meeting rooms must facilitate last minute, quick connect collaboration. Here are some AV features that do just that.

Wireless Screen Casting

Need to present content? There’s no time to find the right cables. Today’s meeting rooms allow you to instantly present without cables using wireless screen casting. Whether there’s one presenter or many, screen casting is secure, fast and easy-to-use.

Huddle Spaces

How many people are in the meeting? Let’s face it, most meetings only require a few people at each location. There’s no need for large conference rooms when a small “huddle room” will suffice for most instances. Huddle rooms feature collaboration software and commonly facilitate 1-5 people who ‘huddle’ around a display and conference room mic and connect with teammates far away simply by pressing “Join Meeting.”

Instant and On Display

Need to see it fast? Today’s conference rooms avoid the awkward delay of waiting for a lamp to warm up. Using large flat panels or LED projection, you see your content almost instantly.

Centralized Monitoring and Support

What if something doesn’t work? Get back online fast by building in centralized system monitoring and support. Today’s meeting room systems can be supported by your corporate MIS or AV from anywhere. Whether you’re monitoring a few rooms in one building or multiple campuses across the globe, this feature provides your meeting spaces with fast support using either your existing staff or Ford’s 24/7 Technology Support Staff.

Room Standards

Do the AV system users know what to expect when entering a meeting room? Standardization creates familiarity. People can walk into any meeting space and know how to operate the system. Whether you’re in a huddle room or a board room, the user experience is the same.

Room Scheduling

Which meeting room is available? Using room scheduling software, the facilitator can see if a room is available from their desk, phone or the display outside the meeting door. There’s no need to schedule way in advance. If the room shows “Available,” you can simply block out your meeting time from the room scheduler or control panel within the conference room.

Integrated Control

Need to quickly adjust room settings? Using custom integrated control, the shades, lighting, camera, video and sound can all be set with the touch of a button.

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