Digital Signage: Your Questions Answered

February 27, 2015 by Chris Jackson

Ford AV resident video expert, Mike Jarnagin, sat down to answer some common digital signage questions.

Digital Signage Control – Once a Digital Signage system is installed, how is it maintained, controlled and operated?

The system is maintained by access to an Ethernet/Internet connection. Digital signage players are specialized computers that utilize specific scheduling/traffic management software. Depending on the size of the digital signage system, an individual or a team would be utilized to manage updates and monitor the system for errors. This is commonly done at a corporate communications or marketing center and pushed to the many rooms, buildings or campuses digital signage systems.

The Network – If the Digital Signage system is placed on the existing network, how much does it burden it?

The burden placed on the network can be managed at low traffic times, during the evening or overnight when the system demand is low. Media files are typically the largest files to load into the digital signage players. Once the media files are loaded into the digital signage players, they remain until they are removed by the management team. Since the files are played locally at the players, no additional bandwidth is used. There can be excessive burden placed onto the network if the digital signage players are receiving encoded, live video streams for playback, especially if those streams are specific to each player (Unicast).

Mass Notification – How does the Digital Signage system tie into the Mass Notification System?

The digital signage system is tied to the mass notification system by a network connection. Preloaded messages can be created and placed on the digital signage system. A specific command is sent by the mass notification system which triggers the start of the preloaded messages and how/where they are displayed. Additional commands can be issued to stop or change the messages as required.

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