Design to Training

January 16, 2017 by Hannah Evans

Accomplishing a great project starts with early planning and collaboration. Whether it’s design, project management, deployment, service or training, Ford AV has the staff and experience to bring all the pieces together and achieve a great AV system solution through the Design Build process.

The design team provides the foundation from which extraordinary AV systems are created. Each project is engaged with a fresh and creative approach using diverse teams including engineers, draftsmen, account managers and other staff professionals who bring years of varied industry experience to each project. The Ford Engineers hold degrees in electrical, mechanical, and acoustical engineering, as well as physics, theater, and computer science. They can produce system drawings, acoustical, power and mechanical recommendations, 3D room renderings, lighting plots and more to ensure accurate documentation for both the Ford installation staff and other trades involved in the project.

Project Management
Project Managers live in the real world of having to make the AV systems work. Each day brings challenges, which require solutions. It is the knowledge of technology and the experience of construction that describes the best Project Managers. Execution and action, planning and scheduling, problem resolution and resource management are fundamental building blocks on which Ford Project Managers deliver outstanding systems to customers safely, on time and to specification.

Job Superintendents and Installation Technicians take the design, drawings and equipment and apply their craftsmanship to build a system of outstanding performance. The system is tested and commissioned by Ford Engineers and Project Managers prior to turning over to the customer.

Ford’s Service Center is centrally managed across all locations to provide customers a 24/7 toll-free number with a single point of contact and management of service requests. All service requests are logged and tracked through completion. Ford’s Service Technicians represent the best in the industry with extensive training and years of experience.

Customer Training
As technology advances, AV systems are more complex, requiring customer training on how to utilize all the features and benefits. Ford provides a wide variety of customizable training, which includes on-site, online, instruction manuals, website videos, and educational seminars. The value of the customer’s investment can only be realized when its employees are fully trained in the proper use of the system.

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