Changing the Way We Meet

February 27, 2015 by Chris Jackson

On a typical day, there are over 17 million meetings in the U.S. In fact, according to a Verizon Communications study, the average business professional attends over 60 meetings each month. However, collaboration is essential to business and technology is essential to collaboration. Today’s busy professional demands a fast, simple, scalable AV solution spend less time meeting and more time being effective and profitable. Here are some of trends we are seeing.

Smaller Meeting Locations
Call it a collaboration room, huddle room or small conference room, today’s growing companies are developing 3-6 person meeting rooms, which can quickly connect them with anyone inside or outside the building.

Bring Your Own Device
Today’s video conferencing allows a staff member to fully engage in collaboration with most any smart device, wired or wireless—in a office or airport concourse.

Interactive Screens
Get up out of your seat! No need to just sit and take notes—you can fully engage in the meeting with cameras that track you when you walk and interactive screens which allow you to annotate a presentation in real time.

BG Group, an energy firm based in Houston, uses digital signage to double as a video conference station.

TechPed allows wiring, small switches, amplifiers and other equipment to be located under the conference table, allowing you to use any finish, any shape and size table.

Screens, lighting, projectors, playback equipment, codecs and more—a good control system is necessary to make a complex system simple to use. Providing a standard control GUI (Graphic Interface), all systems, in all rooms can operate from using the same screens making it simple to operate.

Centralized Control & Support
Even just one staff member can monitor and control hundreds of rooms with AV systems, spread over multiple buildings and campuses. Using centralized command and control the AV support tech can provide instant technical support from anywhere in the world, while seeing and hearing the user.

Instant On
Don’t want to wait for a projection lamp to warm up—new low-cost, thin bezel flat panel displays makes a video wall more cost effective than ever. One button push and you can be meeting in seconds!

Need more detail for your energy, graphics or medical applications. Using edge-blending projection technology and/or multiple high res flat panel displays a super high-res display can be built to any size or shape.

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