Why Choose Ford

Experienced, Capable, & Reliable

Ford AV has more than 45 years as an industry leader under the same management. We’re licensed in more than 20 states, have audited financial statements and we’re bondable on large projects. We have 15 locations fully staffed with Engineering, Project Management, Estimation, Installation, and Service, six regional support offices and 500+ employees.

Single Focus

Ford is a commercial contractor. Our core business is the design, installation, and service of sound, video, and lighting systems. Ford has been a commercial contractor since 1973. Your installation is our only priority. Ford does not sell home hi-fi, satellite or cable TV systems, musical instruments, or operate an internet box sales center.

Technical Excellence

From the initial design to the final testing and system commissioning, Ford Engineers have the formal education, training, and experience to provide the most reliable and technically advanced AV systems. The engineering team has degrees in electrical, mechanical, and acoustical engineering, as well as physics, computer science, and theatre. Ford’s engineering staff includes two registered professional engineers. Ford engineers have multiple years of “hands-on” experience and industry certifications.

Project Management

Experienced Project Managers oversee every aspect of your project including coordination with other trades, purchasing, scheduling, installation, training, project commissioning, and close-out. A full-time Project Scheduler ensures that your project is installed on time and that all construction milestones are met. A full-time Contract Administrator manages each installation contract to verify that insurance, bonding, subcontracts, schedule of values, licensing, and local and federal building code requirements are adhered to and correct.

Assigned Project Teams

Every project, small and large, is assigned a project team including a Project Manager, Project Engineer, Job Site Superintendent, and an Account Representative. Additional engineering, drafting, and software engineers are assigned as required.

In-House Installation Teams

Ford trains and manages its own team of full-time Installation Technicians. This practice allows maximum control of the quality and timelines of each technician.


Ford provides a full-time Trainer to work with our staff to ensure each person is receiving training appropriate for their job responsibilities; as well as provide customer training to ensure that your staff has been fully trained on your system’s operation.


The Ford Service Center centrally dispatches technicians, and monitors and documents every customer service request until the issue is resolved and closed. Ford Service Technicians are managed as a separate group that is not dependent on the Ford Installation team allowing them to give their full attention to your service requests. Ford provides a service plan including service calls, schedule routine maintenance, phone support, and full-time customer on-site service and support.

Customer Support

Ford’s Online Customer Support allows you to log onto secure web pages and view your current, active, and closed job and projects. In addition, all active and closed Service Work Orders and Sales Orders are available for viewing. You may review an installed project including the equipment list and system drawings. Items in the equipment list include links to the Operation Manuals.