Why Choose Ford AV

Why Choose Ford AV- America’s Top AV Integrator


A great project starts with a great design.  That’s why Ford has over 80 engineers that bring innovative ideas to early design phases and stay involved to the end of the project to ensure your system performs to strict standards.  Using Fords certified Professional Engineers, AV design drawings can be certified, ready for your architect to incorporate into their drawings.


What do many of America’s top brands have in common?
They choose Ford AV to provide their AV technology solution.  Apple, AT&T, American Airlines, ExxonMobil, Fannie Mae, MD Anderson, State Farm and many more depend on Ford to design, develop and deploy technology solutions–critical to staying a global leader in their industry.


Ford has over 4 decades of experience with AV technology projects around the globe.  With over 500 Employees nationwide who execute over 700 annual projects, Ford provides a wealth of experience and trained industry experts to ensure your next project is a success.

Global Reach

Ford installs and supports AV system projects coast-to-coast and around the world from 21 U.S. locations.

Dedicated Training Center Specialists

After a project has been installed, you can protect your investment by driving user adoption.  That’s why Ford has a dedicated staff of training professionals who provide Quick Start Guides to extensive training – both live and on video


Ford routinely works on many of America’s largest construction sites and adheres to the most rigid safety standards.   With a $50 Million Bonding Capacity, your project is secure. In fact, no other Integrator has a higher bonding capacity.

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