Why Choose Ford AV

Ford AV | Your Low-Risk Technology Partner


Communication drives the success of every organization and choosing a low-risk technology partner who values that success is critical. From project design to installation and service — Ford has assembled over 500 of the industry’s top professionals, utilizing proprietary project methods to provide unparalleled customer satisfaction.  Here are 5 reasons why top brands choose Ford AV as their Low-Risk Technology Partner.


What do many of America’s top brands have in common?
They choose Ford AV to provide their AV technology solution.  Apple, AT&T, American Airlines, ExxonMobil, Fannie Mae, MD Anderson, State Farm and many more depend on Ford to design, develop and deploy technology solutions–critical to staying a global leader in their industry.


Ford has over 4 decades of experience with AV technology projects around the globe.  With over 500 Employees nationwide who execute over 700 annual projects, Ford provides a wealth of experience and trained industry experts to ensure your next project is a success.

Global Reach

Ford installs and supports AV system projects coast-to-coast and around the world from 21 U.S. locations.

Dedicated Training Center Specialists

After a project has been installed, you can protect your investment by driving user adoption.  That’s why Ford has a dedicated staff of training professionals who provide Quick Start Guides to extensive training – both live and on video


Ford routinely works on many of America’s largest construction sites and adheres to the most rigid safety standards.   With a $50 Million Bonding Capacity, your project is secure. In fact, no other Integrator has a higher bonding capacity.

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