Commercial Integrator Awards Ford AV Integrator of the Year

Oklahoma City, OK – January 14, 2019 – Commercial Integrator (CI) announced their selection of Ford AV as Integrator of the Year, citing Ford’s “principle-based” business strategies as their primary reason. “A lot has changed about the AV industry since Jim and Claire Ford opened their namesake company in 1973. Through all of those changes and amidst turmoil across the industry, Ford Audio-Video (Ford AV) has remained a constant.”

CI further extrapolated on the award saying that the top 5 things other integrators can learn from Ford AV are:

1) Stick to Your Principles
“This is by far the linchpin to everything Ford AV has done, does now and will do in the future. Jim Ford calls it “principle-based management,” and it’s as simple as delivering on your promises, primarily to customers but also to employees.”

2) Embrace Talent of All Types
“Ford AV has always made sure to load its staff with engineers, but Jim Ford knows how important it is to also have people with a background in the arts “who are creative” among its employees. That means that, even though much of the staff has been around for a while, there’s always room for new ideas and a focus on what’s next.”

3) Don’t Sell Yourselves Short
“Jim Ford’s biggest pet peeve about those in the AV industry is “undervaluing the products and services that we sell.” He believes AV as an industry doesn’t always give itself enough credit for the value it brings to its customers. “If you get the team around the table, you can almost always figure out what you should do to correct the problem you’re having. It’s not acceptable to promise to do something and then not do it.””

4) Never Stop Learning
“Ford AV has long had its own full-time internal training staff to help employees stay current on the latest certifications. For some employees, that means monthly or even weekly sessions in the classroom. That training brings about consistency in performance and execution from all Ford Audio-Video offices, says Ford.”

5) Never Miss an Opportunity
“Whether Ford AV is working in stadiums, churches, hospitals or airports, “the technology is almost the same in any market,” says Ford. “We don’t know where the next opportunity is going to come from. “If you rely on one vertical, it can lead to some trouble…Our philosophy is: be an expert, work hard and treat people fairly and honestly. We’ve always been about growing out of success. When you get an opportunity, are you ready for it?””

Ford AV is flattered and honored to accept the title of Integrator of the Year and looks forward to an even brighter 2019!

Read CI’s announcement here.

About Ford Audio-Video

Ford AV designs, installs, rents and services professional sound, video and lighting systems for education, corporate, government, houses of worship, entertainment and sporting venues. Established in 1973, Ford employs more than 470 with offices across the United States. Recognized as one of the top audio-video integrators in the nation, Ford is known for installing some of the largest and most complex AV projects including ExxonMobil, AT&T, Houston Intercontinental Airport, State Farm, Fannie Mae, Apple Headquarters, Denver International Airport, Broncos Stadium, U.S. House of Representatives, West Angeles Church of God and the Cyber Warfare Integration Center for the U.S. Military.


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Paul Leach, Director of Marketing